How to Safely Introduce Your Dogs

When you purchase a new dog in addition to one or more than you already have, it is important that you know how to safely introduce them. Dogs are incredibly territorial animals, and they don’t like it when others invade their territory. In order to avoid a fight between animals, here are a few tips on how to safely introduce your dogs.

Outside the Home

You should never introduce a new dog to other animals inside the home. Because the house is your dogs’ territory, they won’t take kindly to a sudden invasion. Instead, take your dogs outside into the yard or even down the street to a park. Neutral territory is the key.

On The Leash

Don’t let your dogs off of their leashes until you’re sure that they’ll get along. Allow them to get close and sniff one another, but make sure you have as many people holding leashes as you do dogs. Give them a few minutes to pick up on each other’s scents and to get used to their presence.

With Kindness

Talk to your dogs as they sniff one another and pet all dogs equally. Dogs who have been in your home for several years will be jealous if you pay more attention to the new addition. Instead, focus your attention on all of the dogs to show that they are all equally appreciated.

In Separate Rooms

For a while, you might need to keep your dogs in separate areas of the house to avoid a fight. You can put the new dog in a bathroom or utility room or even a bedroom if you aren’t worried about a mess. Another great way to separate your dogs is with one of those child gates. It allows them to see and smell one another without the ability to get into a physical altercation.

Away from Children

Your dog(s) that you have had for several years will be protective of you and your children and might attack if the new dog gets too close. Keep young children away until your dogs have accepted the new addition to avoid any fights.

Keep An Eye Out

Watch your dogs carefully for several days and lock them in separate rooms or in crates when you leave the house. If you notice any problems, be firm, and separate them until they’ve calmed down.

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